Celebrity Siblings You Never Knew Existed

Do you think you know everything about your favorite celebrities? We bet you didn’t know they had these siblings.


Colin Farrell’s sister, Claudine

Actress Claudine Farrell was born in 1973, in Ireland. Unlike her brother Colin, she is rarely in the media but is equally talented for acting. So far, Claudine has managed to keep all her personal facts as a secret, and this is precisely the reason why only a few know about the events and activities of her life and her childhood. Apart from being Colin’s sister, she is also his personal assistant. Her best-known movies were Seven Psychopaths (2012), Daredevil (2003) and Total Recall (2012).

Scarlett Johansson’s twin brother, Hunter

He has been walking many red carpets with his sister Scarlet. However, not much is known about him. We know that he’s also an actor, but hasn’t been acting much. Manny & Lo is his only movie so far, which came out in 1996. In 2008, Hunter helped President Obama in his campaign and re-election. He worked as a community organizer for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s office in New York. Back in 2014, Scarlett and Hunter hosted the Champions of Rockaway Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser in New York City.

Keanu Reeves’ sister, Kim

Unlike her brother who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, Kim was born in Sydney, Australia. Their mother was an English-born showgirl who often changed her love partners, but also their addresses. These two lived in many places but always remained close. There is not much info on Kim on the Internet except that, according to the IMDB, she is an actress and writer known for The Color of Water (2002), Love Don’t Come Easy (2015) and Samurai Vampire Bikers from Hell (1992).


Nicole Kidman’s sister, Antonia

is three years younger than Nicole. She pretty much resembles her sister except for the darker features. She is an Australian journalist and television presenter. Visually, people often assume they are twins because they practically have the same face and the fact that the only major thing that sets them apart is their hair color.

Brad Pitt’s brother, Douglas

Douglas Pitt is an American businessman and philanthropist. In 2012, we could see the younger Pitt in an ad for Australian cell phones that went viral in the US. Back then, he also spoke about ads, Brad, and their mother. Doug Pitt runs a family computer business and his family is such that they all respect each others’ views.

Renee Zellweger’s brother, Drew

Drew Zellweger is Renee’s elder brother who works as a marketing executive. Apart from this information, there is not much about Drew known to the public. It seems like he is not interested in popularity, in which his sister swims pretty well.

Sharon Stone’s sister, Kelly

We know that Kelly Stone is younger than Sharon. She spent five years in a wheelchair after an accident in which she lost her leg.

Do you know that Sylvester Stallone has a younger brother, Frank, that Leonardo DiCaprio’s brother is Adam Farrar and that Sandra Bullock has a sister called Gesine Bullock-Prad? And what about The Wilson brothers: Andrew, Luke, and Owen?